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S37: Everything That Rises Must Converge
Thursday 12th June, 12th June 15.15 - 16.45
Los Gran Rosales A
O-281 The Evolution of Sensory Perception in Bats: A Tangled Mess?
Emma Teeling
University College Dublin, Ireland
O-282 The presence of convergent evolution suggests adaptive roles for genetic variants contributing to the human addictions
Christina Barr*1, Carlos Driscoll1, Stephen Lindell1, Kevin Blackistone1, Stephen Suomi2
1NIH/NIAAA, Section of Comparative Behavioral Genomics, USA, 2NIH/NICHD, Section of Comparative Ethology, USA
O-283 Markov models for convergent evolution
Jonathan Mitchell, Jeremy Sumner, Peter Jarvis, Barbara Holland*
University of Tasmania, Australia
O-284 Convergent genome evolution in marine mammals
Gregg Thomas*1, Andrew Foote2, Matthew Hahn1
1Indiana University, USA, 2Uppsala University, Sweden
O-285 The genetics of convergent evolution
Sarah Signor*1, Artyom Kopp2
1University of Southern California, USA, 2University of California, Davis, USA