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S35: Molecular mutation bias and hypermutability as factors in evolution
Thursday 12th June, 12th June 15.15 - 16.45
San Cristobal
O-276 Copy number variation evolution and human disease traits.
James R Lupski1,2
1Baylor College of Medicine, USA, 2Texas Children's Hosptial, USA
Lynn Caporale
Independent, USA
O-278 Asymmetric nucleotide substitution rate in a HoxA13 paralog that also is implicated in the evolution and development of a novel character in zebrafish
GŁnter Wagner*1, Karen Crow2, Chris Amemiya3
1Yale University, USA, 2San Francisco State University, USA, 3Benaroya Research Institute, USA
O-279 Mutation as an outcome of genetic interactions and how it affects our understanding of selection
Adi Livnat1,2
1Virginia Tech, USA, 2Simons Institute for the Theory of Computing, UC Berkeley, USA
O-280 Mutation-biased adaptation: evidence from protein evolution
Arlin Stoltzfus*1,2, David McCandlish3
1IBBR, USA, 2NIST, USA, 3University of Pennsylvania, USA