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S36: Evolutionary Epigenomics
Thursday 12th June, 12th June 12.15 - 13.45
Los Gran Rosales A
O-260 Molecular evolutionary significance of insect epigenetic systems
Brendan Hunt*1, Karl Glastad2, Michael Goodisman2, Soojin Yi2
1University of Georgia, USA, 2Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
O-261 Exploring impact of chromatin modifications on evolution of gene and genome regulation
Misook Ha
Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, Republic of Korea
O-262 An atlas of human and mouse genomic imprinting reveals evolutionary causes and consequences
Tomas Babak*1, Brian DeVeale2, Yiqi Zhou1, Hunter Fraser1
1Stanford University, USA, 2UCSF, USA
O-263 Functional consequences of centromere evolution in Drosophila
Benjamin Ross*1,2, Harmit Malik1,2, Danielle Vermaak2, Maryalice Hiatt2, Barbara Mellone3, Leah Rosin3, Axel Imhof4, Andreas Thomae4
1University of Washington, USA, 2Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, USA, 3University of Connecticut, USA, 4Ludwig Maximilians University, Germany
O-264 Methylation QTLs are associated with coordinated changes in transcription factor binding, histone modifications, and gene expression levels
Nicholas Banovich*1, Xun Lan1,2, Bryce van de Geijn1, Graham McVicker1,2, Jacob Degner1, John Blischalk1, Jonathan Pritchard1,2, Yoav Gilad1
1University of Chicago, USA, 2Stanford University, USA