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S24: Creative use of nest generation sequencing technology in evolutionary genomics: solving old problems with new approaches (cotd)
Wednesday 11th June, 11th June 17.30 - 19.00
San Geronimo
O-230 Deciphering the Sequence and Evolution of Gorilla Y Chromosome Using a Combination of Short and Long Read Technologies
Marta Tomaszkiewicz*1, Samarth Rangavittal1, Monika Michalovova1, Oliver Ryder2, Malcolm Ferguson-Smith3, Anton Nekrutenko1, Rayan Chikhi1, Paul Medvedev1, Kateryna Makova1
1Center for Medical Genomics, Penn State University, USA, 2San Diego Zoological Society, USA, 3University of Cambridge, UK
O-231 The dynamics of adaptation in sexually reproducing populations of Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Michael McDonald*, Michael Desai, Daniel Rice, Julia Piper
Harvard University, FAS Center for Systems Biology, USA
O-232 Genomics and the molecular basis of hybrid incompatibilities.
Nitin Phadnis*1, Emily Baker3, Jacob Kitzman2, Kimberly Frizzel1, Emily Hsieh3, Jay Shendure2, Harmit Malik3,4
1University of Utah, USA, 2University of Washington, USA, 3Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, USA, 4Howard Hughes Medical Institute, USA
O-233 Not so fast: challenges in estimating translation rate from deep sequencing
Edward Wallace*, D. Allan Drummond
University of Chicago, USA
O-234 Comparative genomics sheds light on the mystery of trans-splicing
Cameron Soulette*, Oliver Oliverio, Scott Roy
San Francisco State University, USA
O-235 Accounting for biases in riboprofiling data identifies a conserved effect of proline incorporation as the major determinant of translational stalling
Carlo G. Artieri*, Hunter B. Fraser
Stanford University, USA