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S25: Detecting selection in natural populations: making sense of genome scans and towards alternative solutions (cotd)
Wednesday 11th June, 11th June 11.30 - 13.00
San Cristobal
O-193 Detecting signatures of selection through haplotype frequencies differences among natural threespine stickleback populations using a genome scan approach.
Anne-Laure Ferchaud*, Michael M Hansen
Aarhus University, Denmark
O-194 Detecting traces of selection with SNPs in small populations undergoing short-term selection.
Frédéric Hospital
O-195 Generation-Proxy Selection Mapping in Cattle and Maize
Jared Decker*1, Jeffrey Ross-Ibarra2, Robert Schnabel1, Justin Gerke3, Michael McMullen1, Jeremy Taylor1
1University of Missouri, USA, 2University of California-Davis, USA, 3DuPont Pioneer, USA
O-196 Identifying false positives: outlier detection across methods and landscapes
Catherine Cullingham*, Janice Cooke, Sophie Dang, David Coltman
University of Alberta, Canada
O-197 New statistical methods detect both hard and soft sweeps in malaria parasites
Philipp W Messer*1, Ian H Cheeseman2, Nandita R Garud1, Pleuni S Pennings1, Shalini Nair2, Dominic P Kwiatkowski3, Francois Nosten4,5, Dmitri A Petrov1, Timothy J Anderson2
1Stanford University, USA, 2Texas Biomedical Research Institute, USA, 3Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, UK, 4Mahidol University, Thailand, 5University of Oxford, UK
O-198 OutFLANK: A new and powerful method to detect loci responsible for local adaptation
Michael Whitlock*1, Katie Lotterhos1,2
1UBC, Canada, 2Wake Forest University, USA