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S19: Genome evolution and adaptation in asexual lineages
Tuesday 10th June, 10th June 11.30 - 13.00
Los Gran Rosales C
O-121 Genomic evidence for ameiotic evolution and adaptation without sex in a bdelloid rotifer lineage.
Karine Van Doninck*1, Jean-François Flot2, Boris Hespeels1, Olivier Jaillon3
1University of Namur, Belgium, 2Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization, Germany, 3CEA - Genoscope, France
O-122 Genomic Sequence Evolution in Asexual Laboratory Evolution Experiments
Michael Desai
Harvard University, USA
O-123 Sexy genomes in asexual species
John Logsdon*1, Elizabeth Savelkoul1, Cindy Toll1, Chris Rice1, Laura Bankers1, Joel Sharbrough1, Jeffrey Boore2, Maurine Neiman1
1University of Iowa, USA, 2University of California, Berkeley, USA
O-124 Hybridization, Divergent Selection, and the Origin of Obligate Parthenogenesis
Sen Xu*1, Matthew Ackerman1, Abraham Tucker3, Richard Keith2, Craig Jackson2, Hongan Long1, Joseph Shaw2, Michael Lynch1
1Dept of Biology, Indiana University, USA, 2School of Public Environmental Affairs, Indiana University, USA, 3Department of Biology, Southern Arkansas University, USA