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S13: Biochemistry meets molecular evolution (codt)
Tuesday 10th June, 10th June 11.30 - 13.00
San Cristobal
O-110 Evolution playing a molecular building set: how secretion systems were exapted from bacterial appendages
Sophie S Abby*, Eduardo PC Rocha
Microbial Evolutionary Genomics group, Institut Pasteur, UMR CNRS 3525, France
O-111 Evolutionary Exploitation of Promiscuous NSAR/OSBS Enzymes
Andrew McMillan, Denis Odokonyero, Mariana Lopez, DaNae Woodard, Ashley Brizendine, Margaret Glasner*
Texas A&M University, USA
O-112 Indiscriminate protein stickiness is a more important evolutionary constraint than the number of functional protein-protein interactions
Joanna Masel*1, Leandra Brettner1,2
1University of Arizona, USA, 2University of Washington, USA
O-113 Molecular basis for the species specific differences in heat receptor TRPV1 related to thermal adaptation in Xenopus species
Shigeru Saito*1,3, Masashi Ohkita2, Claire Saito1, Naomi Fukuta1, Toshio Ohta2, Makoto Tominaga1,3
1Okazaki Institute for Integrative Bioscience (NIPS), Japan, 2Tottori University, Japan, 3The Graduate University for Advanced studies, Japan
O-114 Quantifying Condition-Dependent Intracellular Protein Levels Enables High-Precision Fitness Estimates
Kerry Geiler-Samerotte*1, Tatsunori Hashimoto2, Michael Dion2, Bogdan Budnik2, Edouardo Airoldi2, Allan Drummond3
1New York University, USA, 2Harvard University, USA, 3University of Chicago, USA
O-115 Self-similar protein sequences unmasked as conserved sensory domains
David Drummond*1, Alexandra Rojek2, Edward Wallace1, Jamie Scott1, Joshua Riback1
1University of Chicago, USA, 2Harvard University, USA