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S7: The Origin and Evolution of Early Life (cotd)
Monday 9th June, 9th June 15.30 - 17.00
Los Gran Rosales A
O-55 Evolution of the eukaryotic protein folding pathway in light of eukaryogenesis
Tal Dagan
Christian-Albrechts-University, Germany
O-56 The Enigma of Arrival: Codes, Codons and Cancer
Bud Mishra
Courant Inst, NYU, USA
O-57 An informational constraint on genetic fidelity and its implications for early life
Steven Massey
University of Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico
O-58 Relating ancient cellular life to the RNA world and prebiotic chemistry through the LUCApedia database
Aaron Goldman*1, Tess Bernhard2, Andrew Karlin1, Laura Landweber2
1Oberlin College, USA, 2Princeton University, USA