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S26 - Epigenetics and molecular evolution
Tuesday 26th June, 14:00-15:30
O-216 Maternal siRNAs as regulators of parental genome imbalance and gene expression during seed development in angiosperms
Jie Lu1, Changqing Zhang1, David Baulcombe2, Z. Jeffrey Chen*1
1The University of Texas at Austin, USA, 2University of Cambridge, UK
O-217 Using semi-natural enclosure experiments to study the role of imprinting and epigenetic modifications in the evolution of house mouse populations
Diethard Tautz
Max-Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology, Germany
O-218 Brain-specific epigenetic adaptations in humans
Jessica L. Crisci*1, Hennady P. Shulla1, Denis Reshetov2, Iris Cheung1, Rahul Bharadwaj1, Hsin Jung Chou1, Isaac Houston1, Cyril J. Peter1, Wei-Dong Yao3, Richard H. Meyers4, Jiang-fan Chen4, Todd Preuss5, Evgeney Rogaev1,2, Jeffrey D. Jensen1,6, Zhiping Weng1, Schahram Akbarian1
1University of Massachusetts Medical School, USA, 2Vavilov Institute of General Genetics, Russia, 3New England Primate Center, USA, 4Boston University, USA, 5Yerkes National Primate Research Center/Emory University, USA, 6Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland
O-219 Coordinated histone modifications and small RNAs in gene and genome copy number variations
Misook Ha
Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, Republic of Korea
O-220 Deciphering the porcine imprintome
Ole Madsen*1, Djawad Radjabzadeh1, Hendrik-Jan Megens1, Mirte Bosse1, Laurent Frantz1, Yogesh Paudel1, Richard Crooijmans1, Laurie Rund2, Lawrence Schook2, Martien Groenen1
1Wageningen University, The Netherlands, 2University of Illinois, USA