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Programme† Titles† Presenters†
S10 - Population genetic inference from next-generation sequencing data
O-95 Demographic inference from the site frequency spectrum with ascertainment bias
Laurent Excoffier1
1University of Berne, Switzerland, 2Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics, Switzerland
O-96 Mining human population-genomic data for demographic inference
Mattias Jakobsson
Uppsala University, Sweden
O-97 Robust identification of local adaptation to environmental gradients with an application to Arabidopsis thaliana.
Torsten GŁnther*1, Christian Lampei1, Oliver Simon1, Karl J. Schmid1, Graham M. Coop2
1University of Hohenheim, Germany, 2University of California, USA
O-98 Dissecting the Divergence of Dogs from Their Wild Ancestors: Complete Genome Sequences of 5 Close Relatives to Modern Dog Breeds
Adam Freedman*1, Rena Schweizer1, Pedro Silva2, Marco Galaverni3, Zhenxin Fan4, Eunjung Han1, Diego Ortega-Del Vecchyo1, Ilan Gronau5, Belen Lorente-Galdos6, Can Alkan7, Kevin Squire1, Robert Chin1, Adam Boyko5, Zugen Chen1, Heidi Parker8, Christina Chung9, Clarence Lee9, Adam Siepel5, Tomas Marques-Bonet6, Carlos Bustamante10, Elaine Ostrander8, Timothy Harkins9, Stanley Nelson1, Robert Wayne1, John Novembre1
1University of California, Los Angeles, USA, 2Universidade do Porto, Portugal, 3University of Bologna, Italy, 4Sichuan University, China, 5Cornell University, USA, 6Institut de Biologia Evolutiva, Spain, 7University of Washington, USA, 8National Institutes of Health/NHGRI, USA, 9Life Technologies, USA, 10Stanford School of Medicine, USA