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S6 - Gene/genome data and the limits to
Liffey Hall 1
O-76 Challenges and prospects for molecular phylogenetics on disparate branches of the eukaryotic Tree of Life
Eduardo Eizirik*, Laura Utz, Taiz Simão, Tatiane Trigo, Alexsandra Schneider
PUCRS, Brazil
O-77 Diagnosing phylogenetic conflict among genes and proteins: evidence for the origin of plastids and the early diversification of plants.
Blaise Li*1, Peter Foster3, Martin Embley2, Cymon Cox1
1Centro de Ciencias do Mar (CCMAR), Portugal, 2Newcastle University, UK, 3Natural History Museum, UK
O-78 Horizontal Gene Transfer (HGT), Homeoalleles, NISEs, and the Formation and Maintenance of Higher Taxonomic Units in Bacteria and Archaea
J. Peter Gogarten*1, Cheryl P. Andam1,2, David Williams1, Erica Lasek-Nesselquist1, Seila Omer1
1University of Connecticut, USA, 2Cornell University, USA
O-79 Nested Phylogenetic Reconstruction: scalable resolution in large phylogenies
Jaime Huerta-Cepas*, Marina Marcet-Houben, Toni Gabaldón
Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG) and UPF, Spain
O-80 Genes, genomes and efficacy in discerning dimensionalities of the tree of life
Khidir Hilu*, Sunny Crawley
Virginia Tech, USA