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S7 - Evolutionary genomics: A new synthesis of evolutionary biology (In honor of W-H Li's 70th birthday)
Liffey Hall 2
O-58 Fundamentals of Molecular Evolution Revisited
Consortium of Wen-Hsiung's Research Phylogeny*, Soojin Yi
Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
O-59   Molecular and Genomic Evolution: Personal Retrospects and Prospects
Wen-Hsiung Li
University of Chicago, USA
O-60 Dosage sensitive genes in evolution and disease.
Aoife McLysaght
Trinity College, Ireland
O-61 Hypothesis of steady-state genetic robustness implies a dynamic balance between gene essentiality turnovers through gene/genome duplications
Xun Gu*1,2, Zhixi Su2, Wei Huang1, katie Gu1
1Iowa State University, USA, 2Fudan University, China