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S6 - Gene/genome data and the limits to
Liffey Hall 1
O-54 The known unknowns of complex environments: how reliably can we place metagenomic samples onto reference phylogenetic trees?
Nick Goldman1, Eliza Loza*2
1EMBL-European Bioinformatics Institute, UK, 2Department of Computational & Systems Biology, Rothamsted Research, UK
O-55 Uncovering the Tree of Life in the genomic era: separating the wheat from the chaff
Jeremy Brown
Louisiana State University, USA
O-56 Quantifying phylogenetic signal
Mike Steel
University of Canterbury, New Zealand
O-57 Phylogenetic signal and noise: predicting the power of a dataset to resolve molecular phylogeny
Jeffrey Townsend*1, Zhuo Su1, Yonas Tekle2
1Yale University, USA, 2Spelman College, USA