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S5 - Adaptive vs. non-adaptive evolution
O-23 Modeling the contributions of GC-biased gene conversion and selection to fast-evolving regions of primate genomes
John A. Capra*1, Melissa J. Hubisz2, Dennis Kostka1, Katherine S. Pollard1, Adam Siepel1
1Gladstone Institutes, University of California, San Francisco, USA, 2Cornell University, USA
O-24 Evolutionary consequences of variation in the processing rate of the Arabidopsis thaliana microRNA824
Jinyong Hu1, Filippos Klironomos2, Johannes Berg2, Juliette de Meaux*3
1MPIZ, Germany, 2Institute Theoretical Physics, Germany, 3IEB, Germany
O-25 The role of selection, biased gene conversion and mutation bias in the evolution of genomic GC content in bacteria
Adam Eyre-Walker*1, Falk Hildebrand1,2
1University of Sussex, UK, 2Vrije Universitet Brussel, Belgium
O-26 Invariants of genome evolution: selection, stochasticity or both?
Eugene Koonin
National Center for Biotechnology Information, NIH, USA
O-27 Variation in exonic splice related constraints across taxa: why the impact of selection can be more evident when the effective population size is low
Laurence Hurst*, Joanna Parmley, Toby Warnecke, Andreas Schueler
University of Bath, UK
O-28 Sequencing of a Darwin's finch genome: evidence against the selective thermal stability hypothesis, and evidence for a neutral explanation for the origin of isochores
Chris Rands*1, Matthew Fujita2,1, Lesheng Kong1, Aaron Darling3, Céline Clabaut2, Richard Emes4, Andreas Heger1, Tim Harkins5, Clotilde Teiling5, Matthew Webster6, Stephen Meader1, Peter Grant7, Rosemary Grant7, Jonathan Eisen3, Arkhat Abzhanov2, Chris Ponting1
1University of Oxford, UK, 2Harvard University, USA, 3University of California, Davis, USA, 4University of Nottingham, UK, 5Roche Applied Science, USA, 6Uppsala University, Sweden, 7Princeton University, USA