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S19 - Molecular and functional evolution of transcriptional enhancers
Monday 25th June 2012, 16:30-18:00
Wicklow 2b
O-188 Emergence of Mammals by Emergency: Exaptation
Norihiro Okada
Tokyo Inst.Tech,, Japan
O-189 Molecular And Functional Evolution Of Two Retroposon-Derived Enhancers Controlling Neuron-Specific Expression Of The Same Brain Gene
Marcelo Rubinstein*1,2, Lucía Franchini1, Flavio de Souza1,2, Daniel Lam3, Malcolm Low3
1INGEBI-CONICET, Argentina, 2University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, 3University of Michigan, USA, USA
O-190 Brain region specific allelic imbalance for a SNP in the prairie vole oxytocin receptor gene
Lanikea King*1,2, Kiyoshi Inoue1,2, Larry Young1,2
1Center for Translation Neuroscience, USA, 2Behavioral Neuroscience and Psychiatric Disorders, USA
O-191 Evolution of Regulatory Domains of the Transcrption Factor HoxA-11 in Mammalian Evolution.
Mauris Nnamani*1, Jens Meiler2, Laura Mizoue2, Gunter Wagner1
1Yale Systems Biology Institute, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Yale University, USA, 2Center for Structural Biology, Vanderbilt University., USA