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S13 - Estimating and simulating models of molecular evolution
Monday 25th June 2012, 11:30-13:00
Liffey Hall 2
O-127 Fitting structured models of substitutions and indels(invited talk, symposium: "Estimating and simulating models of molecular evolution")
Ian Holmes
University of California, USA
O-128 Harnessing Non-Local Evolutionary Events for Tree Inference
Liangliang Wang*, Alexandre Bouchard-Ct
University of British Columbia, Canada
O-129 Advanced probabilistic models to study gain and loss dynamics of gene families among microbial species
Tal Pupko*, Ofir Cohen
Tel-Aviv University, Israel
O-130 RevBayes: One program for your whole phylogenetic analysis
Sebastian Hhna*1, Fredrik Ronquist2, John Huelsenbeck3
1Stockholm University, Sweden, 2Swedish Museum of Natural History, Sweden, 3University of California, Berkeley, USA
O-131 Phylogeny-aware Analysis of Metagenomic Samples
Alexandros Stamatakis*, Simon Berger, Nikos Alachiotis
Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies, Germany